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Give Authority to Your

Business Name!

Build up your company image and online authority by controlling search results.

Push others off the page.

When your prospective customer checks you out, be sure to dominate the page.

Be the obvious choice.

Unleash the power of citations on your search result pages with a tiny investment.

Earn more sales & profits.

Search for your company by name, not website.

What you see is what your prospective customers will see.

  • Is everything you see only about your company?
  • Or do competitors influence your page?

If so, you’re letting Google diminish your organization rather than boost it.

Instead, let us turn your search results into a competitive advantage!

We’ll start with a profile of your company:

  • contact info ✔ business category ✔ website ✔ photos product/service descriptions and more

We use your company profile to optimize your Google Business Profile. Then we’ll send the same information to the top directories for your industry.

Next, we will optimize your website pages so Google knows the contents and will provide a separate citation for each page.

Google will cite all of the online references they find about your company. Depending on the strength of the cited source.

The first page or two of search results will begin to feature only your business name and product/service information.

Your search results will begin to be populated with plenty of accurate information to impress and educate prospective new customers.

Your business name in Google search results will dominate the space. That’s good marketing.

You will drive references to irrelevant sources, including competitors, to the back pages of Google.

Audit your name online.

Your audit will show your company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • How visible is your company online?
  • How do you stack up against your competitors for local keyword searches?
  • Is your website helpful?
We’ll give you a complete report.